Like us... This Cattleya awakens a mans desires & blooms twice!

Like us… This Cattleya awakens a mans desires & blooms twice!

The orchid is a flower that from time immemorial has awakened the most unimaginable passions in men. Ancient Greece has attributed  it to healing and aphrodisiac properties…

Hmm… Just like us 😉

Don’t we too, awaken the most unimaginable passions and desires in men…?

I for one plan on keeping that part alive during and after menopause!

Selfish as this may sound, I’ll be doing it for me! Yes, ME!

How sexy do you feel when he pulls you close with his hand on the small of your back and breathes in your scent before kissing you…

That makes me feel so wanted and desired. So sexy… I like feeling that way. I don’t think I would feel that way if I sat around in my sweats all day with my unwashed hair in a pony. To put it gently… men don’t care if you have make up on or not, if you have washed or unwashed hair… They will still “pull you close” 😉 So you see taking care of myself on the outside really is FOR ME! I like looking and feeling sexy… And sexy my friend is for all women… Before, during and after the Stupid Menopause. But as with anything we will have to work on it, but work on it for YOU! Strive during this journey you are taking to be the best you there has ever been. Strive to make YOU happy. This is your life, your menopause…Your second BLOOMING!

There will be so many things that menopause will bring that we will have very little control over but how you look and how you feel about yourself doesn’t have to be one of them!

So don’t give up on you.

On the inside there are days when I can’t stop crying and my nerves are shot, those days… yeah I’ll be “sweats and pony girl” But every other day I will pull on my best fitting jeans, a tight t-shirt, do full on hair and make up  and wait for my man to get home and “pull me close”

and ya know why…? Because it makes ME feel good and if he happens to benefit from it that’s okay too! 😉 But during this journey if I need to be “selfish” and just think about me and my wants and feelings… Damn it, I will!

Bloom on!




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