Wives tales vs modern medicine

Old Wives Tales vs Modern Medicine


Okay, I’ve read a lot of really good reviews on this product so I’m going to try it out. I chose the Estroven “cool sleep” because so far the night sweats and hot flashes have been the worse part of this for me. I haven’t had a good full nights sleep in about 2 weeks and that really throws me off. How can I be the most amazing me when I’m tired and cranky!? 🙂 Stupid menopause!

Night 1: 3/21/17

Okay! I tried it and I liked it!

I definitely got a better nights sleep last night! Still had a few hot flashes but it was only my first night taking it. The hot flashes were no way near as intense as they had been the last week or so.

So far so good! Thank you Estroven for now being part of my arsenal to fight Stupid Menopause! 😉